Richmond Newsletters

Third Quarter of 2023. - VIVA is uniquely qualified to help patients with PAD; Radiologist Spotlight: Donald Doherty Jr., MD; Is UFE the right treatment for uterine fibroids? It depends upon multiple factors.


Second Quarter of 2023. – UFE Center for Excellence is a leader in the procedure; MRI is a critical tool in multiple scloerosis diagnosis; Radiologist Spotlight Jonathan Bulzan, D.O.


First Quarter of 2023. – Managing dialysis access is critical for local patients; HSG testing offers fertility insights in an easy setting; Radiologist Spotlight Nisha Alle, MD.


Fourth Quarter 2022. – Lung scans for smokers–past and present; Don’t go without your mammogram; Radiologist Spotlight Neil Patil, MD, MPH; Testing period extended for appropriate use.


Third Quarter 2022. – Treatment for painful uterine fibroids is changing lives; Surgeon Spotlight Alex Skidmore, MD; 2022 brings changes to clinical decision support.


Second Quarter 2022. – Prostate artery embolization provides long-term relief for men with an enlarged prostate; Radiologists are community partners in diagnosing sports injuries; Radiologist Spotlight: Lynn Ivey, MD


First Quarter 2022. – Radiologist target kidney disease, from diagnosis to treatment; Diagnostic Radiologist Spotlight: Srinesh Alle, MD.; PET/CT test improves detection of recurring prostate cancer

Volume I; Issue IV; Fourth Quarter 2021. - Free Leg Screening Event Helps Improve Health of Richmond Area Residents; Radiologist Spotlight Catherine Buhler, MD.

Volume I; Issue III; Third Quarter 2021. - Hidden Conditions: Does My Patient Have PAD?; Healthcare Providers Are Excited About Our Range of Outpatient Services; Radiologist Spotlight: Roni F. Talukdar, MD.

Volume I; Issue II; Second Quarter 2021. - Advances in Treating Uterine Fibroids Bring Faster, Nearly Painless Recovery, Radiologists Provide Medical Community HIPAA-Compliant Texting App – At No Cost, and Spok Go Benefits

Volume I; Issue I; Spring 2021. – VIVA Offers Advanced Treatments For Leg Pain and Vein Conditions. Dominion Imaging Delivers High-Quality, Lower-Cost Local Services. Radiologist Spotlight: R. Donald Doherty, Jr., MD. Radiologist Spotlight: Narinder Sethi, MD.