Management Services

Our team specializes in and offers support for:

  • Administration and management
  • Compliance, licensing and accreditation
  • Operating reports and records
  • Budget and business planning
  • Quality assurance
  • Standards, policies, and procedures
  • Facility and equipment management
  • Accounts Receivable

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We are focused on delivering exceptional results

and meeting your business goals. Our team’s experience offers a wealth of knowledge and insight into trends, strategic planning and business development, ensuring the ongoing success of your practice.


Our Team Specializes In:

General administrative and management services

Licensing, certification, permits, and accreditation support

Maintain and update systems for achieving positive physician, staff, and patient relations

Staff education, training, and curriculum preparation

Forms, records, and document management

Operating reports required by state, local or federal regulatory agencies

Arrange for purchases of supplies necessary for operations

Records management reflecting management and administrative services provided

Maintenance to include subcontract inspections (facilities and equipment) necessary to maintain facilities and equipment in good operating condition

Budget and business plan to include preparation and delivery of proposed operating and capital budget

Quality assurance program development, implementation and maintenance

Standards, policies, and procedures support to include direction, drafting, implementation, monitoring, and enforcement

Procure and maintain commercial general liability, statutory workers compensation insurance, and commercially reasonable employer’s liability insurance

Provide and manage facility director for facility management

Compliance program support
  • Protection of patient privacy
  • Detect and prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and misconduct
  • Written policies and procedures to include a Code of Conduct
  • Mandatory annual HIPAA training for employees and physicians
  • 24/7 Hotline
  • Monthly OIG screening of employees, physicians, and business associates
  • Routine internal audits to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Compliance Committee to monitor compliance activities

In addition to designing a compliance program that suits the unique needs of your practice, DRA can also offer support on topics such as ransomware attacks, phishing, and email encryption techniques. With the support of local information technology specialists, DRA can help your team learn to reduce risk and protect your company’s most valued resources.

Accounts Receivable

DRA is experienced in overseeing and facilitating effective RCM services, in collaboration with third party billing entities. From thorough executive analysis to designing revenue strategy, DRA pinpoints weak links in the revenue cycle while finding ways to increase profitability. DRA can help establish a new RCM system or supplement existing processes by providing guidance on:

  • Charges
  • Accounts Receivable and Collections
  • Front Desk Procedures
  • Integrating and Using Collections Software
  • Budget Design
  • Financial Strategy
  • Payor Contracting
  • Vendor Negotiations

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