Makes Images Easily Accessible, at No Additional Cost for Patients

VIVA Richmond and Dominion Imaging are offering a new, cost-free way for patients and referring providers to access medical images.

At the end of 2020, was rolled out in Dominion Radiology Associates’ (DRA’s) locations including its Richmond practices, which provide medical imaging and interventional radiology services through Dominion Imaging and Virginia Interventional and Vascular Associates (VIVA) on West Broad Street. The web-based, secure cloud platform allows instant access to images for patients and providers. And importantly, it’s provided at no cost.

Once an image is available, the patient and providers who request them are emailed a secure link to access the files. For many, that means images can be viewed the same afternoon they are taken. The cloud-based system is transformative because it is easily accessible regardless of individual location, and doesn’t require a large amount of precious computer disc space for the practice or patient.

According to Lori Szweda, Executive Director of Technical and Clinical Services, the platform puts patients in control of their own images. Along with ease of access, a patient can create their own medical files. If they need to see another specialist, go to another facility, or need to reference an image in the future, it is easily accessible.

Our Richmond facilities can also instantly email the link to additional providers if a patient requests it. Any image— regardless of size—can be relayed through is a product of San Diego-based NucleusHealth, a technology and medical services company focused on medical image management and interpretation. The company has its own staff of 70 U.S.-based radiologists and has embraced cloud technology so patients and physicians can readily access and share medical images.

It’s an approach that, according to NucleusHealth, “empowers the patient to take control and empowers healthcare systems to better manage their costs.”

Neither patients or couriers have to come into an office and pick up images. Before was rolled out, images would be handed off in-person on a CD or thumb drive. If a provider shared a platform with one of our facilities, sometimes they could instantly share images—but that relied on both parties using the same software. Otherwise, travel or mail was required.

Instant, remote access to medical images is a particular comfort during the COVID 19 pandemic, but Szweda said the platform was planned before the pandemic.

That’s because we have a proactive approach. Proactive support is a key foundation of the practice, which prides itself on high-quality diagnosis and care. Access to images at any time and from any location shows that commitment concretely.

“The key to us is that this is a secure cloud-based platform for patients and referring physicians to access medical images at any time for no cost,” she said. “We have what they need when they need it.”

Offering matches with our practice’s commitment to excellence—and the desire to increase access to radiology expertise and healthcare management.