Chesapeake Newsletters

First Quarter of 2023. – UFE Center for Excellence is a leader in the procedure; MRI is a critical tool in multiple scloerosis diagnosis; Radiologist Spotlight Jonathan Bulzan, D.O.


Fourth Quarter 2022. – Lung scans for smokers–past and present; Don’t go without your mammogram; Radiologist Spotlight Shapour Bahadori, MD, PharmD; Testing period extended for appropriate use.


Third Quarter 2022. – Local sports injuries keep musculoskeletal radiologists busy; Radiologist Spotlight Hiten Patel, MD; 2022 brings changes to clinical decision support.


Second Quarter 2022. – Diagnostic radiology vital in testicular cancer cases; Imaging expertise speeds local stroke response; Radiologist Spotlight: Salvador Trinidad, MD

First Quarter 2022. – Radiologist target kidney disease, from diagnosis to treatment; Diagnostic Radiologist Spotlight: Srinesh Alle, MD.; PET/CT test improves detection of recurring prostate cancer

Volume II; Issue IV; Fourth Quarter 2021. - Abbreviated Breast MRI now offered at the Chesapeake Regional Breast Center; Yearly breast screenings save lives; Radiologist Spotlight: Jakob Schutz, MD.; Advanced PET/CT offers a “new level of precision” in cancer, heart, brain care.

Volume II; Issue III; Third Quarter 2021. - Local Interventional Radiologists perform many kinds of minimally invasive treatments; New test radically improves diagnosis of heart disease; Radiologist Spotlight: Victor D. Lewis III, MD.

Volume II; Issue II; Second Quarter 2021. - Cancer Care in Hampton Roads Gets Boost with Advanced PET/CT; Radiologist Spotlight: Deepak Raghavan, MD; About Dominion Radiology Associates.

Volume II; Issue I; First Quarter 2021. - DRA Brings Excellence in Neuroradiology to Region; Radiologists Provide Medical Community HIPAA-Compliant Texting App – At No Cost; Seeing What Others Cannot See; Mammograms and the COVID-19 Vaccine – Don’t Delay Scheduling Both.

Volume I; Issue I; Fall 2020. - Dominion Radiology Associates Announces Chesapeake Expansion. Gallium-68 PET/CT Improves Cancer Detection, Treatment. Radiologist Spotlight: Neil B. Green, M.D. Enhanced Breast Expertise Now. A Warm Welcome to Dr. Anh Wohler.